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Mass Schedule for Christmas 2020


We have been given permission to have an outdoor mass with 50 cars. This will take place in our parking lot. Parishioners must remain in their cars at all times. Registration for the masses will begin on Monday December 21 from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm and continue on Tuesday.

You can also register on our web page olos.ca.
Register on Monday December 21 at 9am

We will need the name of the driver and a phone number.

The schedule of these special masses is:

– December 24, Christmas Eve, at 5:00 pm in English
– December 25, Christmas Day at 11:30 am in English
and at 1:30 pm in Spanish


Holy Communion will be brought to the cars.

Masses will continue to be live streamed on Saturday at 5:00 pm in English and Sunday at 11:30 am in English and 1:00 pm in Spanish.
Those who participate in the live streaming masses beginning Saturday, December 26 can then drive to the church where a station will be set up for the distribution of Holy Communion.
Parishioners who wish to receive communion in this way should arrive at the church within the hour after mass is live streamed.
Parishioners must remain in their cars, receive communion in the hand and consume before they pull away.